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2024 Perth Renovation Company Information

Information about the best Perth renovation company services in Perth and Western Australia wide including telephone numbers.

The DAN renovation company is headed up by Daniel Bromley who is based in Perth. Dan has had years of renovating the interior and exterior of buildings in the UK and Perth Western Australia. After leaving the job as building services supervisor at Royal Perth Hospital, Dan has focused his full time attending at renovating Perth homes. His building renovating skills and experience plus HR management have got him the position of a small but effective Perth house renovating specialist company. 

DAN’s renovators transform houses into dream homes with fabulous kitchen makeovers and bathroom renovations.

Builder Perth Builders is a new website for the promotion with the best value digital marketing services in Perth for small building companies in Perth Western Australia.

Small building company marketing Perth WA.
Small building company marketing Perth WA.
Free tradie online advertising Perth Australia.

Our new tradie promotion website is free to advertise in 2024. Add your free ad with your promotional sales pitch, your tradie photos, contact information including your tradie business phone numbers and link to your website. Once the directory is full in 2024 the fee to advertise will be a low $1 per day. We won’t be selling leads to the highest tradie bidder and have only one winner while other tradies pay and miss out on jobs. Tradie 4U is affordable, ethical, free online advertising for tradies in Australia and NZ. Your linked pin will show on the map of Australia / NZ when our tradie search engine places you within 20km of where some is searching for a tradie. 


I am also the owner of House Sale Perth where Perth renovators who invest in affordably priced online advertising on one site will get free online advertising in Perth on the other popular Perth website.

This Perth renovation services website was built in Perth by Web Designer Perth.

Digital marketing for big or small renovation companies in Perth is by SEO Perth specialist experts in copywriting for SEO. I connect your sales information with customers searching for what you sell. Start with a free 20 minute phone or in my Perth SEO consultation office.

Hard-working renovators in Perth play hard. Some Perth builders work so hard that they don’t have time for family but occasionally need a friendly good looking, sexy hot escort in Perth for companionship and fun times at Perth nightclubs, restaurants, the casino and recreational outings such as being escorted by hot local Perth escorts to Scarborough Beach. Ladies and gentlemen over 18yo are welcome to apply with free escort marketing in Perth.


Why do Perth building companies advertise on our Renovation Perth? Because it’s targeted, popular and cheap online adverting for Perth building companies.

Popular Perth building companies.

Home Improvements Perth


Best affordable home renovation services in Perth Western Australia by In & Out Renovations, a house renovating company in Perth WA

Perth renovation services.
Perth renovation services.


Securely store tools and building materials in Perth’s cheapest secure storage in Perth. Truck parking is available too.

Cheap storage Perth WA.
Cheap storage Perth WA.

Real Estate Perth

Free real estate agent listings in your local area of Perth including agent’s telephone number. Search by compass direction from the Perth CBD. Free upgraded listing benefits for members of Real Estate Agents Perth include banner ads, links, addresses, linked pins on the Google winning page for “google map real estate perth“, digital marketing advice, etc.

Real estate agents Perth.
Phone good property manager Perth.

Not just a good property manager in Perth but THE best property manager in Perth. Who is caring for your Perth property investment? Are they good communicators, professional experienced Perth based property managers caring for Perth and eastern states’ property investors? If not phone Natalie NOW.


Selling land to a builder or renovator could be exchanged for a big renovation of your existing house. You end up with either a renovated house or you live in the newly built house while sale of the renovated house pays for a HUGE deposit of the new house.

Land Sales Perth

Beach house and land sales Perth under $200,000 and less than one hour’s drive from/to the Perth CBD. Buy your dream block of vacant land for sale near Perth beaches.

Buy your slice of beachside paradise near the pristine Indian Ocean.  Want to sell your vacant block of land for Perth property development profits?


Good Perth buyer's agency.

You can keep busy renovating by hiring Perth’s experienced best-licensed buying agents to help you find and buy Perth homes for sale at affordable service prices.

Renovation loans Perth.

Renovation finance Perth.

Low-fee, low-interest-rate loans for renovations in Perth are much easier to get than a personal loan because the loan is being used for asset improvement. Not like a loan for a holiday or car loan which can be smashed without secure liquidation to repay the loan in case of default. Home loans and renovation loans give lenders security.
Equipment loans for renovators in Perth. All Australian Finance say YES in Perth to loans for renovation more often.


Telewest love putting the finishing touches on your house renovation in Perth by cabling and adding new digital TV aerials to renovated rooftops in Perth’s northern suburbs. If your house renovation project added new rooms you might want new TV points in your new rooms with cabling going to your existing or new TV antenna.
TV antenna installation Perth.

Fast Yes loans Perth for Perth renovation business loans. Buy new tools and equipment. All renovators need good quality, tax-deductible tools, equipment and materials. If that’s you phone Alan on 0424 185 442 for business loans in Perth.

Small equipment finance Perth.
Second storey house extension renovation Perth.

Second-storey house extensions by local Perth building company NuChange which specialise in second-floor addition, deliver extra living space with views while preserving the land area of your backyard. Book an inspection/consultation/price quote for extending the floor area of your Perth home by phoning 9343 8850.

If you need finance to extend your Perth home, contact Alan’s Perth home renovation loans or visit All Nation’s Finance office in Wangarra.

Travel Destinations

Aitutaki Cook Islands

Ben the publisher of this website lived on Aitutaki  for 10 years between 1980 and late 1989

Aitutaki Cook Islands.

Perth Western Australia

Perth is the booming capital city of the resources-rich Australian state of Western Australia on the east coast of the Indian Ocean.

Perth WA
Perth WA

Go to the new 2024 Perth Business website.

Scarborough Beach has been voted as the best beach in Perth. On a sunny winter’s day Scarborough Beach is a good place to swim or surf or enjoy a hot coffee at one of many beachfront restaurants or cafes.

Scarborough Beach Perth
Scarborough Beach Perth

Accommodation Bali

Perth’s northern suburb of Bali has opened up in 2024. Hotels in Bali are open for tourist accommodation. Your stay will help revive the hospitality industry of Bali which was hit hard by the Covid 19 pandemic. For places and things to do in Bali see the Google Hotel Map of Bali Indonesia. Hotels in Bali are open for tourist accommodation. Your stay will help revive the hospitality industry of Bali which was hit hard by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Hotel accommodation Bali.
Hotel accommodation Bali.

Travel on a scenic cruise from your hotel in Vientiane up the Mekong River. Stop at the ancient capital of Luang Prabang and further up the Upper Mekong towards the infamous Golden Triangle. Alternatively the cruise DOWN the Mekong, past village temples, waterfalls and 

Luxury, scenic Upper Mekong River Cruise.
Luxury, scenic Upper Mekong River Cruise.


Affordable digital hotel marketing in Perth Western Australia for better brand recognition and direct hotel bookings.

One thing I know about hard-working renovators is a big appetite for fresh, hot, delicious wood-fired pizzas. If you’re celebrating the finish of a big renovation project why not ask the boss to hire Italian Fabio’s wood-fired pizza on-site service for renovation completion celebrations and corporate catering services Perth wide.

Mobile wood fired pizza service Perth.
Mobile wood fired pizza service Perth.


Good weather and environment leads to plenty of good things to do in Perth. For a start study the Google Map of Perth for places to do things in Perth. Some of the best things in life are free. That includes going to some of the best beaches in the world at Perth beaches. Watching a football or cricket match in Perth is affordable hours of entertainment. Open an online banking account on arrival in Perth.

Free things to do Perth.

Also see THINGS TO DO SCARBOROUGH BEACH and just 7.5km north of Scarborough Beach see THINGS TO DO HILLARYS BOAT HARBOUR.

Engineering Trades Perth


Car breakdown service Perth or car maintenance/service at your home in Perth or workplace.

Mobile mechanic Perth service.
Mobile mechanic Perth service.

If you’ve been injured doing renovations in Perth you might need the help of good NDIS support workers in Perth Western Australia. Click the link above or phone 08 6205 2307 to get the support you need for your situation.

Good NDIS support worker in Perth WA.
Good NDIS support worker in Perth WA.

Healthcare marketing in Perth is a crucial aspect of any healthcare business. With increasing competition, it’s important to have effective marketing strategies to stand out in the market. Effective marketing can help increase patient engagement, drive appointments and referrals, and establish your business as a trusted healthcare provider. Given the challenges of today’s digital age, it’s essential to choose the right marketing approach that caters to your healthcare specialty. By partnering with a reliable healthcare marketing agency in Perth, you can grow your business and be at the forefront of the industry. An expert team will help you develop a customized marketing strategy that caters to your specific needs and goals, and that’s tailored to your target audience. With their assistance, you can effectively reach your desired audience and provide great patient care.


The best medical marketing in Perth Western Australia includes

  1. Dofollow backlink juice from your online ads on my many popular Perth web pages.
  2. Map Marketing with your linked pin on my Google Map of Perth WA which has had 1.8M views.
  3. Medical video marketing on my Perth Business Youtube Channel which has had 2M views.
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Help with your Google Business Profile (GMB)
  6. My medical marketing services for GP doctor clinics, surgeons, dentists, pharmaceutical sales, medical equipment suppliers, anesthetists, hospitals, medical trainers, medical staff recruitment agencies, medical websites, medical conference events organisers and medical specialists in Perth

Dr Blakeney is a professor and expert orthopaedic surgeon in Perth Western Australia with orthopaedic clinics in West Perth and Albany. Tradies often suffer from chronic shoulder injuries after years of lifting weights overhead. You might need minor keyhole surgery known as arthroscopy for things like minor rotator cuff repair or shoulder replacement surgery using the latest surgical techniques such as using 3D printed drill bit guides for PERSONAL fitting of new artificial shoulder joints on your upper arm bone (femur) and your shoulder. See photos of this truly AMAZING shoulder replacement surgery in Perth WA. 

Good orthopaedic surgery Perth by exper shoulder rotator cuff Perth surgeon.


If you’ve had a serious ACL injury in Perth, common for tradies, you might need advice and maybe treatment by Dr Myerkort, an orthopaedic surgeon in Perth. His robot-assisted partial or total knee replacement has a higher success rate with robot assistance. He has specialist knee clinics in West Perth and Canning Vale for ACL intury treatment.

Best Perth knee injury treatment.
Perth knee injury treatment advice.

Dental Implants Perth

Book an appointment for a free jaw examination to see if you are suitable for dental implants that look and work like beautiful straight real teeth, the colour of which are perfectly matched to your existing teeth.

Dental Implants Perth.
Dental Implants Perth.

Buy New Personal Fall Detection Alarm, Fall Alert, Online Sales

It’s no use renovating a granny flat if your granny karks it. Get peace of mind while doing renovation work in Perth with a personal fall alarm for the elderly. Send an alert to your mobile phone when a loved one falls or presses an emergency button on their personal alarm.

Personal alarm sales for the elderly in Australia.
Personal alarm sales for the elderly in Australia.

Map of doctors’ GP clinics in Perth

List of Perth Hospitals and their phone numbers.

Google map showing hospitals in Perth

I’ve registered some good exact match healthcare domain names in Perth for myself and my clients such as, and Alone they’re not the SEO silver bullet but they do help. If you have the job of medical clinic practice manager in Perth, and seek digital marketing help for your clinic, then phone me for a free 20 minute phone call.


Raco’s Perth Office Fitouts specials in affordably priced prefabricated office partitions made in Perth and installed quickly at your Perth office with a minimum of disruption.

Perth office renovation services.
Perth office renovation services.

Absolute Office Comforts offers a turn-key solution with Perth Office Fitouts plus fitout your Perth office out with new office furniture.

New office furniture sales Perth.
New office furniture sales Perth.


Perth Garden Improvement Services

The gardens at our office are cared for by Sharp Yards, the best gardener in Perth. Highly recommended if you’d like to add value to your home renovation in Perth.

Garden renovation services Perth.
Garden renovation Perth.
Escort services for tradies in Perth.
Perth escorts available and waiting to help builders/renovators relax after hard work.

Signup to be a male or female escort with free online escort marketing.

More listing of the 2024 Perth businesses is listed on the BEST 2024 BEST PERTH BUSINESS LIST.
Go to the listed sites for their company phone numbers.


After working hard, the other side of a renovator’s work-life balance could be attending a health or spiritual event.

Spiritual events Perth

Our happy Clients


Know our team, engineers and architects behind our construction team. We are people that find passion in what we do.



Jane is our friendly, informative, renovation company administration employee who gets our renovators on the job on time, does bookkeeping and takes phone messages.

Dan Bromley

Perth Structural Engineer/Expert Renovator

Daniel Bromley is the DAN company managing director with ten years of interior and exterior UK renovation experience and years of interior renovation experience at Royal Perth Hospital.

Renovation company marketing manager Perth

Mareketing Director

I am a digital marketing expert in Perth specialising in SEO for Perth building companies and Perth renovators. My page is Google first for phrases such as “marketing for perth building companies” companies. 


We take pride in every project we have done. We have grown a lot with our work years.

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