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Best Type of Ceiling Insulation in Perth

What are the best types of building insulation? There are many different types of building insulation materials. Some like wool are natural insulators for ceiling insulation. Houses with walls made with bails of hay have natural insulation built in. Some building insulation is a combination of synthetic and natural fibre insulation. Fine glass fibres such as the brand pink bats are fire resistant. I’ve even seen shredded/reconstituted paper dry-blown above ceilings for insulation.


When building or renovating in Perth, one of the most important elements to consider is building insulation. Insulation will help protect against extreme temperatures and improve energy efficiency in your home, shed or garage.

Wall and ceiling insulation are two of the best ways to ensure your building remains comfortable all year round. Wall insulation works by preventing heat transfer through external walls while ceiling insulation helps reduce heat transfer through ceilings and roofs. This makes them ideal for areas with a hot summer climate like Perth, where the temperature can soar!

The benefits of wall and ceiling insulation do not end there though – they can also save you money on your energy bills! By reducing heat loss from building walls and roofs, you’ll be able to keep your cooling and heating bills affordable while maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures.

Polystyrene insulation Perth.
Polystyrene insulation Perth.


In the time of a housing/accommodation crisis, we want to convert our shed into a bedroom for our naughty teenage boy but on summer days it’s too hot. Below is a comparison of different types of synthetic insulation available in Perth.


Polyethylene vs Polyurethane vs Polyisocyanurate

Solid sheetsSolid and foam formSpray on foam formSpray on foam form
Heat and moisture resistantHeat and moisture resistantHeat, moisture, and fire resistantHeat, moisture, and fire resistant
Lightweight good insulationGood insulationBetter insulationBest insulation
Cheap insulationExpensiveMore expensiveMost expensive
Synthetic insulation compared.


Are you looking for affordable price insulation in Perth? The price of insulation in Perth depends on factors such as the type of insulation, insulation sizes, insulation quality, custom-shaped insulation and price of insulation delivery from the local warehouse/insulation production factory in Perth/Australia. Search the name of the type of insulation plus the world “perth” for up to date and competitive insulation pricing so that every home can get the best insulation in Perth without breaking the bank. You can hire teams of dedicated Perth insulation installers to make sure your home stays warm during winter and cool during summer with superior insulation solutions. Get a free insulation price quote today and start saving on the price of insulation in Perth!

Experience the difference with new insulation in your Perth building. Not only do you get the quality price of insulation in Perth but also good customer service and insulation advice. Post questions below about insulation in Perth. From initial consultation through professional installation in Perth.

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