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Garden Renovation Perth

Garden renovation services Perth.

You’ve newly renovated your house. What about a garden renovation?

Hire THE best garden renovation services in Perth Western Australia by a professional Perth gardener with soil science knowledge to  turn your weedy sandy gardens into a water-saving paradise.

Good gardening services in Perth start with knowing how to deal with Perth’s sandy soil.


The rule of thumb to improve Perth’s sandy soil is to:

  1. Dig in plenty of clay. Imagine a pool full of bowling balls. Fill the gaps with tennis balls. Now what you pour in stays around longer before it migrates down.
  2. Think of where tropical plants like pawpaws come from. Jungle with a jungle floor full of rotting leaves. ie compost. That’s what you need in Perth gardens for tropical plants. 100% compost including manure. Mediterranean plants, 50:50 compost and sand.
  3. Mulch keeps soil cool in summer. Cooling by mulch encourages worms and beneficial organisms including microorganisms for good soil health.
  4. Wetting agents alow water to get down to the root zone rather than evaporating on/near the soil surface.
  5. Perth soil has a high pH. Find ways of reducing soil pH.
  6. Sandy soil in Perth lacks trace elements. A natural way of returning trace elements for soil improvement is to add a ground to a powder, basalt rock.



If well-maintained, water irrigation using an automatic reticulation system in Perth can deliver just the right amount of water in exactly the right places in your garden.

The key is using a WELL-MAINTAINED irrigation/reticulation system in Perth because broken systems can leak a lot of water into Perth’s soil without you knowing.

When renovating a garden or putting in a new garden it is important to put in place a high quality reticulation system which lasts, is reliable and does not break easily.

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