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Perth Builders Vehicles

High-quality vehicle upgrades for renovators and builders in Perth Western Australia to improve reliability, functionality, safety, performance, value and load carrying of utes, trucks cars.

Improve new or old builders’ vehicles in Perth with high-quality modification upgrades.


  1. Increase load carrying with a suspension upgrade for your truck or ute or dual cab.
  2. New custom made H racks for utes in Perth allow safer, longer load-carrying.
    ute h frame Perth
  3.  Chassis strengthening/upgrade for heavier load carrying and or attaching machinery such as ute cranes or truck cranes to vehicles in Perth. Store your valuable renovator/builder’s tools securely with strong, lockable, made in Perth toolboxes on the back of your ute or truck. 
    ute crane Perth
  4.  Add a tip tray to utes/trucks in Perth. Side tippers, 3 Way tippers lifted by reliable, high-quality hydraulic rams.
    Ute tip tray Perth.
  5.  Need water and off-grid electricity in Perth/Western Australia for building renovation? No worries, TL Engineering solutions work for tradies in Perth.
  6. Innovative custom designed light truck builds for builders and renovators.
  7. Tail lifts on the back of Perth trucks and utes take the risk of back injury away from house renovators and Perth builders.
    New tail lift Perth

See more vehicle modification upgrades in Perth for renovators and builders.

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